2 prophecies of Prophet Badu Kobi hit the rocks in less than 24 hours – Watch how he prophesied England would win Euro 2020


It appears the spirit of God has been deceiving the founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Chapel International.

Last night, Prophet Badu Kobi prophesied Brazil would win the Copa America but the prophecy fell flat as Argentina won the tournament.

He became a laughing stock on social media this morning as his prophecy did not come to pass.

This morning, he prophesied again in front of his congregation that England would win the final match of the Euro 2020 against Italy.

That prophecy by the man of God did not happen as Italy won the title on penalties.

This has made netizens asked if Prophet Badu Kobi is a true man of God.

Last year, he predicted that NDC would win the election 2020.

Watch the video below:


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