90 percent of Gospel musicians are ungrateful – Pastor Love


The ex-husband of Gospel musician Obaapa Christy has disclosed that about 90 per cent of gospel musicians in Ghana are ungrateful.

Pastor Love, as he’s widely known, made this statement during a radio discussion on Onua FM on Thursday monitored by KwasiAboagyeLive.com.

The man of God, who is a songwriter and wrote most of his ex-wife’s songs said one of the reasons why gospel music is not growing is because most of the artists don’t appreciate songwriters.

He said, “90 per cent of Ghanaian gospel musicians are ungrateful and you know why, they don’t appreciate the songwriters.

“I am a songwriter and if I write a song for you and the song becomes a hit, I expect you to give me the credit for my hard work when you grant interviews but I don’t expect you to thank God for giving you the wisdom and knowledge to write the song.

“If you do that, when you come to me again for another song I won’t mind you because I am not motivated.

“If you go to another songwriter who knows I was working with you, the person might call me to ask the reason why you’ve come to him and I won’t hesitate to let him know what you did.”

Pastor Love Hammond is the head pastor of Life Miracle church and was married to Obaapa Christy. Their marriage hit the rocks in October 2011 after some scandalous revelations from both of them.


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