Abeiku Santana reveals how he fought hard to win the heart of his wife


Renowned Ghanaian radio presenter, Abeiku Santana has said he didn’t earn the attention of his wife easily.

He recounted how his wife turned his proposal down when they met for the first time.

Abeiku revealed he used to smoke often when he had the first encounter with her.

According to him, the woman’s rejection didn’t stop him from pushing hard to get her.

The host of ‘Ekwaso Dwoodwoo’ on Okay FM shared his love story on his show.

“I used to smoke very much. So one day, I had finished my show on Ashh FM. After the show, I moved downstairs to take some Apio while I was smoking my cigarette. I saw this fair lady who used to pass by so I asked that they call her for me because I couldn’t have gone to chase a lady and be snubbed because I was a celebrity. She came to where I was enjoying my drink and cigarette and I told her I like her but It didn’t work,” he said.

“So I had to change my game. I re-strategize and went in for her and she accepted me. We dated for some time but did not get married. But later in life, we came together and got married,” Abeiku Santana disclosed.


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