Abena Moet and Ola Michael tear Ayisha Modi apart after she said Moet rented her wedding gown


Entertainment news presenter, Abena Moet has spit venom at Ayisha Modi.

In a video sighted by KwasiAboagyeLive.com,  Abena Moet said she won’t allow them to give her pressure to do what she cannot afford.

This follows after Ayisha Modi said Abena Moet rented her wedding gown on her wedding day.

Reacting to it Moet took to Instagram to showcase her wedding gown.

In a discussion with Ola Michael on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment GH’ she indicated that she did not rent her wedding gown but what is wrong with it even if she did.

She emphasized that most of the thing she got prior to the wedding was sponsored including the rings.

Moet stressed that she lives within her means and only go for things she can afford.

Watch the video below:


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