Actor Eddie Nartey cuts off dreadlock and spotted in a new look (WATCH VIDEO)


Ghanaian actor, Eddie Nartey has cut off his dreadlock after 6 years of keeping it.

According to him, he started doing dreadlock in 2016 and believed it’s time to let it go after 6 years.

When he begin the journey of locking his hair, he was criticized on social media and he came out to say that he did not care about what people would say because he was doing the things that would make him happy.

In his words: “When I finally locked my hair, it was small and needed time to grow. I remember the criticisms, the backlashes and the insults that came with this new look. Many could not just accept the change. “I liked you when you didn’t have Rasta, you look ugly with this Rasta, go back to you old look. This and many more were said to me by friends and most people I didn’t even know existed but For the sake of social media, they could express their opinions about what I choose to do with my life. But why should I stop doing things that makes me happy because someone else doesn’t like it? How does the style of my hair affect paying your bills? Well I was blind and deaf to those opinions, I didn’t listen to NATINS. Today, the same friends & critics express their love for my hair. Some say e nice Papa, dnt ever cut it, others say “your hair come roff.. e dey bee keke, I wish I can do same. Morale of my story: don’t let people’s opinion affect your dreams and plans. Do what makes you happy cuz the end of the day, whether Rasta or Sakora, it’s your head.”

In a new video sighted on his Instagram page, Eddie Nartey was seen heading to the barbering salon to shave the dreadlock off.

He was spotted cutting off the locks and was finally seen in a look.

Watch the video below:


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