Agya Koo blames other Tik Tok stars over his suspended Tik Tok account


Kumawood actor, Agya Koo, says he has suffered several strikes on TikTok since joining the social network platform.

Agya Koo claims that he was unjustly removed from the app even though he has not broken any rules since joing the app.

He blamed other TikTok stars for targeting him with the intention of stalling his progress on the app.

Agya Koo said he wasn’t interested in downloading the App at first, but was persuaded into doing so by his friends. However, when he joined, his account was promptly removed by a third party.

Agya Koo appealed to his audience for assistance in regaining access to his account. He said that 15 persons are required to remove the cautionary label from his profile.

TikTok has become the newest sensation for creatives across the world and many Ghanaian content creators are buliding their fanbases and views which also translates to revenue generation.

In May this year, popular Ghanaian social media influencer, Janet Offei aka Erkuah Official, revealed that she has made over GHS200,000 from Tiktok since she joined the video sharing app two years ago.

Erkuah Official is Ghana’s most followed Tiktoker, with over 2.5 million followers who like her funny skits and dance videos.

She spoke about her revenue during an interview on the ‘Delay Show,’ adding that she is currently a second year Political Science student in the University of Ghana, Legon.

According to her, aside the money she makes on the platform, she has also benefited immensely from opportunities through her interactions with her followers and brands.

She said, the highest amount of money she has made so far from a single brand deal is GHS 30,000.



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