Agyenim Boateng threatened after quitting Kasapa FM


The highest revenue generating Presenter for Kasapa fm, Apostle Kingsley Agyenim Boateng has resigned from the station.

The resignation of the Presenter, considered by insiders as the most valuable on air personality due to the colossal revenue his show attracts to the station is causing shivers down the spine of many staff who can not fathom why the humble man of God will take such a sudden decision.

Your authoritative can confirm through a smoking gun that a seeming grand scheme by certain Shenanigans within Kasapa fm and the EIB Corporate forced the radio Pastor to bow out unceremoniously.

“ I don’t know, every company that I have worked with rewards or promotes staff who have excelled but at EIB, is the either way round. It is only failures and incompetent people who are promoted. Now look the only life-line of Kasapa is gone. We will all live for them to carry the station to their homes”, an angry staff told on anonymity.

Many have raised questions over why a Presenter with 6 and half years stint with EIB who has not received salary for over 16 months due to the company’s “credit crunch” will be forced out by what they described as “Anti-Bola Ray elements” in the business without recourse to his value and the laurels he brings to the table.

The Ani Dasuo Show Host’s resignation comes on the heels of several resignations that have plagued the EIB conglomerate in the past few years.

When contacted Agyenim Boateng , he said “ somebody thinks I am interested in his business manager position but that has never crossed my mind before”.

“My brother when things became tough and some staff threatened to boycott their programs, I sat them down and placed them on gh1,000 stipend for three months from my own church coffers. All I wanted was for the station to run smoothly and for the staff to be comfortable but it appears some mafias within Kasapa and at the “top” don’t like me”, the humble man of God emphasized.

“How can somebody who claims he is a pastor instruct after receiving my resignation letter with a month’s notice that I should not be granted access to the station again. Meanwhile you owe me 16 months. Is it fair?”, he fumed.

“I live everything to Karma”, he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Agyenim Boateng has revealed that he has since received threat messages from the Business Manager, Nana Derbrah and one Babanao Israel over his resignation and plans to report to the Police should it persist.

The mid morning show host, was economical with his next move but only hinted that his followers and radio enthusiasts should watch out for “Ehan bi Epie” show which hits the airwaves soon.

He is credited with several outdoor events and philanthropic gestures at the station


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