“Ama Broni’s mother is a big liar” – First father of Ama Broni’s twins react (WATCH VIDEO)


First father of Ama Broni’s twins, Nicholas has reacted after Ama’s mother spoke about the father of the children.

In an interview with Dr Ray on KwasiAboagye.com, Esi Mansah who happens to be Ama Broni’s mother claimed the fathers of the twins are two.

According to her, one of the guys lives at Boadua, a town close to Akwatia in the Eastern region.

And there is another guy who also lives in Accra which the woman claimed Ama took the children to him to spend some holidays.

Well, the guy who lives at Boadua and is named Nicholas has spoken to Kwasi Aboagye Live over the issue.

In his reaction, he said Ama Broni’s mother is a liar.

Nicholas in a voice note sent to Dr Ray after the interview with his mother in-law went viral revealed when she met Ama Broni and what actually happened after Ama got pregnant.

Surprisingly, he sent a voice note of Ama Broni claiming to be pregnant after testing for pregnancy to us.

Watch the video below:


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