AUDIO: Andy Dosty reveals how he was embarrassed in South Africa for playing KiDi’s ‘Touch It’


Hitz FM’s morning show host, Andy Dosty has recounted how he was recently embarrassed in South Africa after playing KiDi’s hit song ‘Touch It’.

Speaking in a conversation with KMJ, Andy said he was invited to represent Ghana at Creative Africa Nexus at Intra Africa Fair 2021.

He explained that while performing his duties at the event, a security guard approached him and asked him to stop playing KiDi’s ‘Touch It’.

Andy went on to say that he demanded an explanation from him but security man shouted that “turn the music off” without giving him any explanation.

According to him, he hesitated to turn off the song so the security man went away and came back in few seconds with other well built 3 security men.

Andy claimed he had no choice than to off the music as the security men asked him to do.

He believes they asked him to do so because he asked the ladies who were dancing to the music to touch their breats.

Listen to the audio below:


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