Brokenhearted Adu Safowaa praises Nana Doe’s d!ck in this leaked audio (LISTEN)


It appears Adu Safowaa is suffering from broken heart and that’s why he keeps attacking business mogul Nana Doe.

it’s obvious the Adu Safowaa has been used and dumped by Nana Doe per the audio has heard.

 For some weeks now, the entrepreneur and actress has been fighting the millionaire claiming that he owns her some amount of money.

Initially, Adu Safowaa accused Nana Aba Anamoah of snatching her boyfriend and added that the Range Rover vehicle she received on her birthday was just for hype.

In a new audio has come across, adu Safowaa was heard praising Nana Doe’s di*k while having a conversation with another lady.

In the audio, Safowaa said Nana Doe’s di*k is sweet that’s why the young girls can’t stop ‘chopping’.

The lady identified as Auntie Yaa asked Adu Safowaa if she wanted to lose all that and she replied she won’t lose him.

In another part of the conversation, Adu Safowaa told Auntie Yaa to tell Nana Doe to sneak from some people and come home.

Listen to the audio below:


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