(WATCH VIDEO) Businessman narrates how he survived multiple gunshots by armed robbers


Ghanaian businessman, Felix Kwaff who survived an attack by armed robbers who shot him twice, has detailed how the incident happened.

In an interview with KwasiAboagyeLive.com, Mr Kwaff, who is a small scale miner, said he was shot in the chest with the bullet going through his back.

Narrating his ordeal, he told Dr Ray that he was home with some of his workers around 9 p.m. one night when the armed robbers, who were two, attacked them.

He said the two robbers drove them to the living room and asked them to lie on the floor.

According to him, one was standing outside while the other one, who was in the living room with them, asked them to bring the money they had.

He said when he was about to bring out the money he had in his pocket, the one in the living room with them fired a shot which hit his hand.

He claimed that after giving the robber inside GH₵ 600 which he had on him at that time, the one outside also fired a shot which hit his chest and went through his back.

Mr Kwaff recounted what he went through after being shot and how he came close to death but survived by the grace of God.

Watch the video below:


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