Checkout biggest error organizers of VGMA made during Balck Sherif’s performance


At the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) the organizers made a terrible mistake which shouldn’t have been allowed.

This happened when Black Sherif was performing.

Here is it, after Black Sherif had finished performing, there was this tricycle termed in Ghana as ‘Pragya’ to pick him off the stage.

We believe this shouldn’t have happened especially with the color the ‘pragya’ was painted.

The ‘pragya’ was painted in a yellow color when we know yellow stands for MTN and Vodafone is the headline sponsor.

Not only the color of the ‘Pragya’ was the problem but an MTN number was written on it as well.

These petty mistakes should have been avoided by the organizers of the awards known as Charter House.

See the photo below:


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