Coded of 4X4 and Nkonkonsah fight on live radio (WATCH VIDEO)


Coded of 4X4 fame is not happy about the way Eugene Osafo-Nkansah of Nkonkonsah is treating him.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FMโ€™s Entertainment GH, Coded said Nkonkonsah has not been promoting him.

Sharing his pain, he claim Eugene can take videos of him at an event and fails to post them on his platform.

The worst part of his grievances is that Eugene took a video of him while he was sitting beside his (Eugeneโ€™s) wife yet he did not post it.

According to him, Nkonkonsah is waiting for him to play another character beside music before posts post him on his platform.

In the middle of the conversation, Nkonkonsah joined and also explained his part of the accusation.

He gave Coded some instances to prove that he has been promoting him.

Going forward, the argument became a heated one and studio mics were seen at different positions.

Watch the video below:


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