Comedian Ice Kenkey reportedly killed by pizza


A few days ago, Ghanaian comedian Ice Kenkey was reported dead.

A close friend of the comedian identified as Mr Owusu Ansah in an interview with Ola Michael on Peace FM’s Entertainment Reviewconfirmed that Ice Kenkey was killed by Pizza.

According to him, Ice Kenkey choked on pizza. He indicated that, the comic actor was then rushed to the hospital but passed on two days later.

In the interview, Mr Owusu Ansah revealed that Ice Kenkey’s family is still in a state of shock following his sudden demise.

He indicated that the late comic actor did not battle any illness before his demise.

“On Tuesday he came to work and found me packing…he went out to buy pizza and came to eat with the kids around. He started coughing in the process of eating the pizza. It seemed he had choked on it. Before they could bring him water he became weak and was rushed to the Lapaz Community Hospital.

“He was admitted on that Tuesday and on Wednesday we were all there to visit but his condition was bad. In the early morning of Thursday, about 1:13 am he passed away,” Mr Ansah narrated, adding that “he didn’t have any underlining illness, he has okay as we all went about our business.”

Ice Kenkey, famed for his role in ‘Key Soap Concert Party’, died at age 57. He left behind a wife and four children.

“Ice Kenkey was both based in Ghana and abroad due to his travel and tour business. He used to come to Ghana every month… we are all shocked by his demise,” Mr. Ansah pointed out.


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