Current musicians are not making sensible songs – Dada KD


Ghanaian highlife musician, Dada Kwaku Duah, well known as Dada KD, has bemoaned over the songs that current musicians in the country churn out.

He stated that these young musicians are not making sense with the songs they produce.

According to him, some of these musicians are talented but they do not put in much effort to produce quality and evergreen songs.

“Now it’s no more like those days where one has to put in more effort into music by playing an intro before the song and all that. At first, you put too much energy in the music so you always feel it as an artiste when you are performing. But it looks like today, musicians are in a hurry to release songs,” he said in an interview with Akoma FM in Kumasi.

Dada KD advised them to compose songs which will stand the test of time—so that they can benefit from it in the future.


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