Dada KD points the disunity among highlife musicians as a hindrance to the growth of the genre


Ghanaian musician, Dada Kwaku Duah, otherwise known as Dada KD, has cited the lack of unity among highlife musicians as one of the reasons why the genre is not growing.

He bemoaned there is no love among these musicians when speaking in an interview with Grandmaster Murphy on Today’s Radio.

“We don’t love ourselves as highlife musicians. We don’t collaborate among ourselves,” he stated.

“Everybody has his or her playmate and that doesn’t mean there is unity among us. It is like that everywhere but becoming a united force would have help,” Dada KD added.

He likened the relationship of highlife musicians in the country to that of a forest—which the trees look like they are together until you enter to know that every tree is standing on its own.

Dada KD suggested that it will take a collective role for the Ghanaian music industry to grow.

He also revealed how some people in the industry sabotaged his works.


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