Don’t delay in accepting a proposal of a new guy you’ve met if you love him – Fameye advises women


Ghanaian musician, Fameye has advised women to stop stretching guys who proposes to them.

In a discussion on The Bos Show, the ‘Notin I Get’ singer stated that it is not fine for women to delay in accepting the proposals of men they love.

Since they do not know much about these guys, Fameye questioned what they thinking about if they say they need some time to make a decision.

“I know women you like guys who are very confident, so if I tell you that I like, know that I’ve built the confidence to say that so you have to build the same confidence to give me a reply.

“The first day, we haven’t met before so obviously it is my looks, something or how I talk that you’ll depend on to give me an answer but if you say you are going to think about it, you don’t know me, so what are you going to think,” he stated.

Though his statement was opposed by some women on the show, Fameye was firm on his comment.

Watch the video below.


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