“Don’t do things to impress but to make you happy” – Bridget Otoo speaks for the first time after marriage


TV personality, Bridget Otoo has spoken after her much talked about marriage ceremony which happened a few days ago.

Over the weekend, Bridget tied the knot with her boyfriend and there were so many rumors about it.

People claimed she was pregnant and others also made fun of the video that came out when she wanted to kiss her husband and he refused.

However, the news caster in a Facebook post said people should do things that will make them happy instead of doing things to impress them.

“If you allow yourself, the world would tell you who you are, how you should look, talk, etc… I know it’s tough but please be your AUTHENTIC self. There’s so much going on in the world that every minute you spend living someone else’s life, you rob yourself of happiness. Don’t do things to impress but to make you happy! Remember those who love you don’t need explanation. I have friends who change cars every year but don’t own a plot of land and have to beg people to pay their rent. I have used same car for 7 years but I’ve at least made progress in certain aspects of my life, like not paying rent. I know we are all different, and a car could be more valuable to someone than a house. But when you’ve seen poverty like I did growing up, you won’t live your life to please anyone but to save for a rainy day. Good Night. ❤️, she wrote.


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