Eno Barony taps Strongman & Sister Derby for latest song “Force Dem To Play Nonsense”


Anticipation is high among music lovers for rapper Eno Barony to release her latest track she calls “Force Dem To Play Nonsense.”

The excitement is all because Eno collaborated with Strongman and Sister Derby on the track and many people see it as a reply to Medikal in their ongoing beef; Strongman was recently engaged in his own beef with Medikal and Sister Derby is the ex of the Omo Ada hitmaker.

The beef started as a lyrical battle among female rappers Sista Afia, Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz until Medikal waded into it over Eno’s reference to a Sowutuom ghostwriter on her song “Argument Done.”

Eno was replying to Sista Afia’s diss track “You Got Nerves” and mentioned the Sowutuom ghostwriter as writing Sista Afia’s lyrics and many people have interpreted it to be Medikal.

This led to a heated exchange between Eno and Medikal on Twitter and on Friday, Medikal released a song titled Nonsense although he didn’t address his feud with Eno.

On that same Friday, Eno put the poster of “Force Dem to Play Nonsense” on social media and asked people when she should release it leading to a lot of comments.

Many of the social media users said they were eager to listen to the collaboration.


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