eShun’s ex-boyfriend/manager asks her to pay to get her social media accounts back


The former manager and ex-boyfriend of singer eShun, has responded to claims that she has dragged him to the police headquarters in a bid to get back her social media accounts.

In an exclusive interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz on Friday, Stephen Mensah said he wasn’t aware eShun had reported him to the police.

He explained that he created the Instagram accounts when he started working with eShun, and because he wanted her brand to be solid he invested a lot of money into them.

He claimed that he invested about $200 every month to promote the accounts so they could grow.

Stephen Mensah recounted having a meeting with eShun and her road manager at which he asked her to pay some money for him to pay off the cost incurred in the promotion of the accounts.

According to him, they told him they would get back to him but the next thing he knew eShun had taken him to GHAMRO about the same issue.

Stephen said he agreed to meet the GHAMRO officials but after some back and forth, he still insisted they pay him before he would release the accounts and asked him to send them the bill which he did.

He claimed the secretary of GHAMRO, Annabel later called to inform him that eShun said she was no more interested in the accounts.

He stressed that after their last conversation in May 2019, he never heard from the songstress again until January 2020 when she called asking him to delete everything related to her from those social media accounts.

Stephen Mensah, who is the CEO of Quophi Menz Musiq, said even when he had parted ways with eShun, he still promoted her material on the social media accounts.

He said he had incurred cost in managing the accounts and the only way to pay the debt was to get some money from eShun.


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