Freda Rhymz is an opportunist, she followed me like a dog – Ohemaa Dadao


Ghanaian female rapper, Ohemaa Dadao has sent a strong warning to fellow rapper Freda Rhymz to stop mentioning her name in interviews.

The warning comes after Freda Rhymz’s interview with in which she said she thought Ohemaa Dadao was a retired musician.

Freda Rhymz also denied that Ohemaa Dadao introduced her on stage in Kumasi some time ago.

She also denied that they had a chat in which she (Freda) said she looked up to Ohemaa Dadao, explaining that it was her former management that sent the message.

However, in a video available to, Ohemaa Dadao has called Freda Rhymz a liar adding that the young rapper had no management team when they met in Kumasi.

She indicated that Freda Rhymz begged and followed her around like a dog and asked her not to mention her name in nterviews on TV or radio if she will not tell the truth.

Ohemaa Dadao said Freda Rhymz, who she described as an opportunist and ungrateful, had grown horns but she was ready to cut off them off if she (Freda Rhymz) wanted to use them on her.

Watch the video below:


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