GH Slay Queens revealed – Queen Mona tells it all


Ghanaian slay queen, Mona Gucci aka Queen Mona has laid bare the secret lives of slay queens and what they do to survive.

She dropped the bombshells in an interview with Michael Ola on Entertainment GH on Neat FM today.

On the show, Queen Mona gave a tall list of ladies who are perceived to be slay queens but according to her some of them were not.

When asked who a slay queen is, Mona explained that they come in different forms.

According to her, there are some who slay only for social media because they want to create a certain brand for themselves.

She explained that it could be a clothing line for which the slay queen would have to advertise; she would wear clothes, takes pictures and posts them on social media for sale.

Mona said there are fake slay queens who do not do anything other than to borrow clothes and cars and post pictures on social media with captions like “my bae just got me this new car.”

Here is the list of slay queens and non-slay queens by Queen Mona

Serwaa Amihere – She is a slay queen groomed by Nana Aba Anamoah. According to her, Nana Aba Anamoah has groomed Sandra Ankobiah and other girls who are brand influencers but she mentioned that Serwaa Amihere is Nana Aba’s last baby girl.

Abena Moet –  Abena is not a slay queen.

Akuapem Poloo – Not a slay queen.

Fella Makafui – She is not a slay queen because she is someone who doesn’t showcase expensive stuff on social media.

What you’ll see her doing mostly is promoting her own businesses and she’s someone who works hard for her money. Fella Makafui cannot be categorized as a slay queen once she does it behind closed doors without portraying it on social media.

Sister Derby – She’s not a slay queen but a musician.

Benedicta Gafah: A slay queen who has moved from Kumasi to Accra because of big men. Someone has bought her from the movie industry because the person doesn’t want her to be exposed to other men. She gets sponsorships because she started as an actress.

 According to Mona, Benedicta is not eloquent enough to be a live show presenter like she does on TV3’s Music Music show.

Efia Odo – She is not a slay queen. She is just a bubbly child who happens to make use of the internet.

She is a typical American child. Efia Odo is not on social media exhibiting expensive phones and cars saying her baby bought it for her. She’s just a nudist not a slay queen.

Delay – Everybody knows delay is not a slay queen.

Moesha Boudong – She is a friend and a slay queen at the same level as Sandra Ankobiah. She got the exposure through acting and gets some money from it but it gets to a time in a girl’s life when she doesn’t want to do one thing, because there are up and coming actresses so you need to attach other businesses to your acting, example Benedicta Gafah who has added a cosmetics line to what she does because she can’t only depend on the acting.

Hajia 4 Real – She’s a public slay queen who can be spotted everywhere. She’s part of the first three if the words “slay queen” come to mind.

Hajia 4 Real is able to finance everything she puts out there. When you go to her house you’ll find different cars like Porsche, Range Rover and Mercedez Benz and all that but ask yourself what work she does to make her afford all these things.

The clients are all on social media looking for all these light skinned pretty ladies and if you don’t have small waist and big ass nobody will call you for Arab money that’s why most of the ladies go to the length of shaping their body to look more attractive. This will make you get clients from Turkey, Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore.

Xandy Kamel: Not a slay queen


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