Ghana Police gave me only GHS 1000 after I risked my life to drive them to attack armed robbers and lost my car – Taxi Driver


Prince Amegavi, a taxi driver at Akim Pramkese in the Kwaebibirem district in the Eastern Region has shared a sad story of how a police officer was murdered after they were attacked by armed robbers.

Prince, who drove the four policemen to the scene with his taxi, said the armed robbers started firing gunshots at them when they saw them.

According to him, he hid under the dashboard during the shootout by the armed robbers and the policeman who was also seated in front could not hide and got shot and died.

What hurts Prince is that the district police commander gave him GHS 1000 only to fix his car after risking his life in the attack.

He claimed his taxi was destroyed and there were too much blood in it and if the car was given to him earlier, he would have washed the blood but the commander seized the car for investigations for 4 to 5 months.

Prince Amegavi noted that GHS 1000 could not help him to fix the car so had to sell the car to get another one but still could not get the amount he wanted for a new one.

Watch the video below:


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