Ghanaian movie industry lacks good storylines – Noella Wiyaala


Ghanaian musician Noella Wiyaala has said Ghanaians do not tell their own stories in their movies that is why the movie industry is dying.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV’s ‘Badwam’ show with Sister Sandy on Wednesday, Wiyaala noted that Ghanaian movie producers should use their own stories and culture when making films.

According to her, movies in which people pull guns and there are shootings in broad daylight are common in Ghanaian society and these were the kind of stories killing the industry.

She cited an example of how the people of Sissala migrated from Egypt to Ghana and how the Akans forced the Sissalas to move to the northern part of the country and added that these were stories that were true Ghanaian or African stories.

The ‘Africa’ songwriter said she had a background in movie directing and editing and revealed she was currently directing movies in the Northern Region.


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