Give Moesha a break – Family reacts to leaked audio


The Family of actress and social media sensation, Moesha Boduong has reacted to all the issues surrounding her.

In a statement issued last Tuesday, the family claims the actress should be given a break to heal and get over her predicament.

According to the family, everybody has a past, a present and a future and believes friends or people around us can positively or negatively influence our life.

The statement indicated that no matter who Moesha has offended, they believe she has wake up from the past and try to make a good life.

They said they support Moesha decision that she has repented and will support her in any positive way to help her find her real self.

About the leaked phone conversation between Nelson and Salma Mumin, the family condemned the contents of the recording and stated categorically that Nelson is not Moesha’s brother.

Read the full statement below:


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