How CCTV camera caught the murderer of GH Media student Priscilla Tsegah


The murderer of Priscilla Tsega, the student of the GH media school who was killed in a hotel room is being haunted by police.

In a CCTV footage available to the Police, Priscilla was seen lodging into a hotel with a friend, a lady who is the prime suspect in the case.

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 The two ladies were spotted entering into the hotel premises and booked a room together.

Priscilla was seen wearing a straight dress with backpack while her friend was in jean a jeans and top without backpack.

After some spending some time in the room, one of them eventually came out.

It was Priscilla’s friend who came from the hotel room but was dressed in Priscilla’s straight dress and backpack and left the hotel premises.

Reports say she allegedly stabbed Priscilla, disguised herself and run away from the crime scene with the hotel key.

Around that period, it was announced that Priscilla was missing and was found a while later.

She was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife and was found nak3d in the hotel room.

Speaking about it on TV, Hitz Fm’s Prince Tsegah, who is a relative of the murdered Priscilla, narrated all that went down.

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“Priscilla was found naked lying a pool of blood with a kitchen knife in her abdomen and it looked like someone tried dragging her in the blood pool or she made the attempt to move,” Prince Tsegah said.


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