I become anointed for ministration after seks – Philipa Baafi


Gospel musician Philipa Baafi has said that she becomes charged with the anointing when she has seks before hitting the stage to minister.

The singer revealed this in an interview with TV Africa.

When asked if there had been a time when her husband had wanted sex before she went to minister, she answered yes.

Philipa revealed she had found herself in that situation several times and when it happens like that she gives in and allows her husband to do whatever she wants before she goes to perform.

She explained that she needed to keep her home before going out as she wouldn’t like it if her husband slept with another woman.

She said when it happens like that she becomes more anointed and inspired to minister very well because there’s no problem at home.

Philipa Baafi has released a new song titled “It is well”.

Watch how she narrated it below:


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