‘I stabbed JB’ – Sexy Don Don finally gives full account on how he finished JB Danquah


JB Danquah-Adu, a former Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, was stabbed to death by Daniel Asiedu, alias Sexy Don Don when he tried to rob him at his Shiashie home. Asiedu has acknowledged the crime.

During his shocking admission during his murder trial, the accused showed how he entered the late MP’s bedroom via his window during a heist that resulted in the MP’s death.

Admitted by a court in Accra, Ghana, where the accused is on trial for murder is a video captured during questioning and a recreation of the crime scene in the late MP’s residence.

It was Daniel Asiedu’s admission that the catapult and metal cutter found in the late MP’s bedroom belonged to him (the accused) before the court allowed the admission of that pendrive, and it was his admission that the catapult is used to drive away dogs when he enters houses to commit crimes, while the metal cutter is used to cut burglar-proof if he meets a burglar-proof window.

The first accused person (Asiedu) said he left them since there were no dogs or burglar-proof windows, so he placed them in the chamber of the dead,” the case investigator, Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah, said in court on Thursday.

Daniel Asiedu demonstrated to police how he got into the residence by squeezing under a metal fence in a video that was shown prior to its acceptance. A security guard was asleep when he entered, he informed them.

In his deposition, he claimed that he had no previous knowledge of the late MP’s character and that he had only chosen his room since it was the only one with a working light when he entered the home.

In order to get into the late MP’s room, he slid open the glass window leading to the room, snuck behind a chair, and proceeded to the nightstand drawer where he picked up two phones. Just as he was ready to leave, the late MP woke up to turn off the television and noticed him. When the late MP yelled “thief, thief,” the man claimed to have been startled.

His (accused’s) shirt was securely around his (MP’s) neck, according to him, and he fought with him. Asiedu claimed he stabbed the late MP with a jack knife during the scuffle, and he was unable to shout for assistance because he was weak.

During the investigation, Daniel Asiedu admitted to investigators that the late MP sat helplessly as he watched him explore the room for valuables.

While reenacting the murder scene, the accused wept, knelt down, and rested his elbows on the late MP’s bed to say a prayer before continuing with the performance.

Defendant’s attorney, Yaw Dankwa, opposed the video’s submission, claiming that the footage was taken while the accused was restrained and tortured and that a lawyer was not present when the films were filmed.

One state attorney, Sefakor Batse, argued against this claim, claiming that while under questioning the accused was calm and suffered wounds as a consequence of fighting and ramming his head through a metal fence with thorns.

The video was permitted by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, who said that the weight to be given to it is based on the cross-examination of the defence attorney.

Source: GHBase.com


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