I started educating my daughter about seks when she was 5 years – Irene Opare


Ghanaian actress, Irene Opare has said that she started talking to her
daughter Fafa Kayi about s*x when she was only 5 years old.

The actress shared this information during a live interview on Kwasi
Aboagye Live on Facebook with the darling boy, Kwasi Aboagye.

The actress, who gave birth to her only daughter with Peace FM’s Kwame
Sefa Kayi said it’s good to always talk to the children about sex
because a time will come when you can’t control whatever he/she does.
“Educate the children about s*x early before they get to that stage
and start making mistakes. When you do that they see you as a friend
and talk to you about everything even when a man proposes to her.” She

She cited an example when her daughter Fafa was 5 years, she visited a
cousin and fell asleep at her place. The cousin’s boyfriend in attempt
to wake her up touched her breast and out of fear, she woke up and hit
the guy for touching her breast.

When asked by Kwasi Aboagye why most parents fail to talk to their
kids about s*x, she answered that is because of our culture.
She added that some parents think why do they have to talk to their
kids about s*x, what if he/she goes out to try it.

She disclosed that on Fafa’s 21st birthday, she told her to be
vigilant and choose a man of her choice.


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