I want to be the voice of women through my music – Eno Barony


Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has revealed what she wants to achieve with her songs.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Slash on Rainbow Radio, the popular female rapper stated that she wants to empower women through her songs globally.

Eno pointed out how her songs have been able to address s3x for grades, jobs and other issues.

The rap goddess stressed that she will work hard in order to accomplish her aim of empowering women across the world.

“I feel my music is appreciated by a lot of people but I didn’t want people to love me just for my music because I wanted to be the voice of women. I want to attain that level. I am already influential but I want to be the voice of women through my music throughout the world,” she said.

Eno Barony expressed delight on how Ghanaians are accepting her songs because of the impact they get.


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