I was born dead so you can’t kill me – Eno Barony replies Medikal


Rap Goddess, Eno Barony has responded to rapper Medikal’s tweet in which he referred to her as a corpse.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Medikal said he won’t waste time recording a diss song to a female rapper especially when the person looks like corpse.

“Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, expecially when the person looks like corpse. Issa dead tin,” he said.

In her response Eno said that she was born dead so he can’t kill her.

“I understand you saying you never took a penny. Cuz what I gave you back then compared to now was actually a penny. NO BE TODAY I BE #CORPSE BRO.I WAS BORN #DEAD.SO #YOU CAN’T KILL ME.#ArgumentDone #RapGoddess,” Eno tweeted.

The feud between the rappers emanated from some lines in Eno’s song, ‘Argument Done” in which she made reference to a Sowutuom ghostwriter and many people have assumed it is Medikal being referred to.

And in a series of tweets Medikal said he wouldn’t reply the diss and that’s when he said Eno looks like a ghost.

In another tweet, Medikal indicated that he felt disrespected because four years ago, he gave her a verse on her song and even helped her to shoot a video without charging a penny.

“4 years ago eno Linked up for a feature, gave her a verse and pulled up to shoot the video when called without charging a penny, never expected her to disrespect me in anyway, especially when I haven’t wronged you. This is why people don’t do good sometimes I guess,” Medikal stated.

Eno also replied saying she understood if the Omo Ada hitmaker said he didn’t charge a penny.

According to her, what she gave Medikal four years ago compared to now is actually a penny.

She explained that she appreciated the fact that Medikal did a verse for her and had never disrespected him.

She said she only sent out words to Sista Afia’s ghostwriter so he could only feel disrespected if he was the ghostwriter.

She wrote, “I appreciate u doing a verse for me way back and I have never disrespected u in any way nor for clout chasing I only sent out words to the ghost writer and unless u are the ghost writer u can’t feel disrespected. Understand my lyrics first Mr. best rapper. #RapGoddess”


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