I will not allow my children to read the Bible – Captain Smart shockingly reveals


Angel FM’s morning show host, Captain Smart has made a shocking statement that has got social media talking.

According to him, he will never allow his children to read the bible.

He made the revelation this morning on his ‘Anopa Bofour’ show which was monitored by KwasiAboagyeLive.com.

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Captain Smart disclosed that instead of forcing his kids to read the Bible, he would rather make them read novels, human developmental books and journals to open their minds.

“I will never encourage my child to read the Bible while I can get him or her to read novels and other psychological and human development novels,” he said.

His comment comes in reaction to a video circulating online in which school children were learning ICT with drawings of keyboards and other computer peripherals on their desks.

“How can you build a nation this way? What future are we establishing for these kids? While their mates elsewhere are used to Artificial Intelligence, and other sophisticated technologies, ours don’t even have any knowledge about the common parts of a computer,” he stated.

He was of the opinion that we ought to ‘push our kids to be creative as well as use their brains’.

 “We must push our kids to read wide. We must ensure they use their brains to develop creatively instead of limiting them with religion.

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“Education, both formal and informal, is always the key to unlocking one’s talents thus if the educational sector of an economy is ran down, then the future of the economy will be jeopardized,” he said.


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