I’ll never marry again till casket – Xandy Kamel reveals


It appears Xandy Kamel is pained after her marriage with King Kaninja came to an end.

Everything was moving on well at the early stages of their marriage until King Kaninja cheated on her.

King Kaninja was reportedly caught red handed giving it to another woman while he was still married to Xandy Kamel.

Well, as we thought everything differences between them would be solved, it turned out that they actually divorced over the issue.

Following this, Xandy Kamel has said that she will never marry again till she dies.

“I don’t want a boyfriend, all I need now is money. A boyfriend is not necessary. No no no, I don’t need a man, in fact, I don’t want to have anything to do with marriage. I will never remarry.”

“I regret that this is my first failed marriage but how many times should I marry? I just want to have fun, explore and make money, travel, spend money and enjoy life, eat good food…just be me”, Xandy Kamel made this pronouncement in a chit-chat with vlogger Zion Felix.

Watch the full interview below:


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