Irene Opare details why most celebrities die as paupers


    It is no news in Ghana that most celebrities, ranging from the music
    industry to the movie industry had to beg for support to cure their
    ailment in times of difficulties.

    The likes of the late Jewel Ackah, Mc Jordan Amartey just to mention
    few, had to beg for financial support for treatment, and just recently
    actor William Addo and Psalm Adjetefio also came out publicly and
    asked the Government and individuals to help them financially to cure
    their sickness.

    One person who has added her voice to these stories is Veteran actress
    Irene Opare.

    Speaking with Kwasi Aboagye on Kwasi Aboagye Live on Facebook on the
    topic why most celebrities die as paupers, the actress touched on
    three (3) different issues as the cause.

    Firstly, she said the government doesn’t care about the people in the
    creative arts industry, adding that governments have come and gone but
    they don’t even mention us in their state of the nation addresses, but
    was quick to add that it’s better now than before considering the film
    bill being passed.

    Secondly, the veteran actress called for a fund to be set up. She
    revealed the need for the various guilds to set up funds for their

    She cited an example that screen actors’ guild is even considering
    setting up a fund to help them financially so that in case someone
    needs help they can quickly cover up for the person.

    Irene urged celebrities not to be complacent with fame and do yearly checkups.

    She also advised both actors and musicians to always visit their
    doctors for a thorough checkup and not to be carried away by their


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