It is not the best for Ghanaians to think that musicians who do not release songs often are not relevant – Screwface


Ghanaian musician, Screwface has bitterly complained about how Ghanaians tag musicians who do not release songs often as irrelevant in the music scene.

The ‘Maabena’ singer stressed that it is not the best for people to say their time has passed if they do not release new songs timely.

He rhetorically questioned whether this is limited to Ghana or the African continent.

Screwface emphasized on how Amakye Dede, Dede Lumba and others still make a significant impact despite their slow pace of releasing new songs.

“It is only in Ghana that people think your time has passed if you relax in releasing new songs. That is the problem…I don’t know if it is with Africans or just my country. When you relax a bit they say your time has passed but look at Amakye Dede, Lumba and others…they stay silent and release one song during November and December and their songs become hit after it has been released,” he told DJ Murphy in a recent interview on Todays Radio.

Screwface also bemoaned over how Ghanaians fail to support themselves.

“In every aspect, Ghanaians do not love to push or support ourselves…we love to push the negative side instead of the positive side,” the musician, known in private life as Jehoshaphat Eshun wailed.

“When family comes in, you to look at the family side, now I have two businesses, the family business and music business, if I mix the
two there is going to be a problem.” – He said on his inactiveness in the music scene. “It’s not all about money—there is more to life than money. I have four kids—they come first before my music.”


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