It is sweet and healthy to “chop” a woman in her menses – Counselor Lutterodt


While there is a mundane around the world about how unhealthy and bad it is to sleep with a woman in her menstruation, controversial Ghanaian counselor, Cyril George Lutterodt says it is sweet to do so.

He made this statement during an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwawani on KOFI TV.

According to the outspoken counselor, chopping a woman while she is menstruating is not only enjoyable but it is healthy as well.

He argued that there is no scientific evidence to back the claims that a woman cannot engage in se*ual intercourse while in menses.

George Lutterodt emphasized that there is nothing wrong with it because the monthly cycle provide certain essential health benefits which is also a pain reliever for women.

He noted that the perception surrounding this whole issue of women not to have s*x during menstruation is just a myth.


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