JUST IN: Public Cry As Another Shocking Discoveries Made In The House of the Prime Suspect Of Murdered Trainee Nurse -See What Has Been Discovered


The most talk-about and trending story this week which has shaken the people of Mankessim and its evirons is the death of a 25-year-old student Nurse applicant who went for an interview at Cape Coast on the 8th September, 2022.

Detailed and genuine information after thorough investigation into the case allegedly revealed that, another newly 3 dugouts have been found at Ekumfi Akwakrom family’s house, the house Christopher Ekow Clark Quansah the Tufuhene who togeter with Pastor Stephen Dickberry killed Georgina Asor Botchwey at Mankessim.

The family of Christopher Ekow Clark, the Tufuhene in an interrogation with Kofitutu.com news, they stated that, it has amazed them to hear such news coming from the camp their Tufuhene because they never expected this since he has been thier advisor.

In a discussion with the mankessim traders union, they also disclosed how good the Tufuhene has been to them whenever he attends the market. They recounted the advises he has been giving them whenever he comes to the market for shipping or checkups.

Some went to the extent saying they wouldn’t have believed it if not because the pictures and videos confirming the case due to his Godliness attitude towards them.

“We wouldn’t have believe this if not because of the pictures and videos we are seeing”.


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