‘King Promise snubbed me when I approached him for a feature’ – Kwaisey Pee


Ghanaian hilife musician, Kwasi Poku Addae popularly known as Kwaisey has made distasteful comment about King Promise.

According to a report Kwaisey Pee claimed King Promise snubbed him when he asked him for a feature on a song.

“I have approached King Promise as well and he never did it. And I met him (King Promise) after the VGMAs. We were in the same category “Best male vocalist category”. It was him, myself, Joe Mettle, and other guys. And I won that category, so after that, I met him and told him that I have sent him a song and was still waiting on him but he told me he didn’t know about it.

“One thing I have noticed about the music industry is that most of the artists pretend a lot. Even though I was dealing with his manager, when I went to the house he (King Promise) was there. So, definitely, he knew about it,” he added.

Speaking about his new song and the motive behind releasing a gospel song, Kwaisey Pee stated; “all good things come from above, I’m not Buddhist, I’m not Muslim, I’m not Krishna or any of that sort. I believe in God. And sometimes you feel like God has done marvelously in your life.”

“This year I haven’t done anything so I decided to do a gospel song. This year it is the highest that gave me my talent so I decided to take that opportunity to do something to praise him.”

“You know it’s music, it flows through my veins. I sleep music, I eat music, I do everything music. So, if I come to you it’s not because of competition, I’m coming to you because I want us to do music,” he said.


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