Kumchacha details why he always walk with bodyguards (WATCH VIDEO)


Prophet Kumchacha has reveled why he always walk with bodyguards.

Speaking in a video circulating on social media Kumchacha explained that the system in abroad is not the same as in this country.

According to him, when something happen to in abroad and you call the Police, about 3 vehicles of policemen will arrive within 2 minutes.

But in Ghana, Kumchacha claimed the Policemen will tell you that their car is going to pick their commander before it comes to you for help.

The man of God said even though God protects human in the spiritual realm, but in physical one needs to protect himself too.

He added that if he doesn’t walk with bodyguards someone who hates him can just approach him and kill him.

Watch him speak in the video below:


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