Kumiwaa sheds tears as MzGee secure funds to help her pay her medical bills (WATCH VIDEO)


Veteran actress, Kumiwaa could not hold back her tears after MzGee gave her good news about her medical bills.

It can be recalled that the actress during an interview with the former TV3 presenter indicated that she is not well she but won’t go to the extent of granting interviews and asking people to donate to her.

Her reason was based on the things her colleague actor T.T has gone through after he repeatedly keep asking for help.

T.T received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians after he received a lot of donations yet came to ask for leftover food from MzGee.

According to Kumiwaa, she was scared Ghanaians would descend on her after asking for support but claimed if the support comes, she won’t reject it.

Well, it appears that support has been given to Maame Kumiwaa.

 Over the weekend, MzGee went to the actress’ house and donated an amount GHS 5,000 to her to pay for her medical bills of GHS 4,000 and temporarily use the balance of GHS 1,000 for her upkeep.

MzGee claimed the money was given to her by the CEO of Nguvu Holdings, Angela List to donate it to Kumiwaa.

It was an emotional moment when the veteran actress took the money. She couldn’t hold back her tears and also prayed that the God Lord will bless Madam Angela abundantly.

Watch the emotional video below


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