Kwasi Aboagye shares ‘kuluulu’ experience at Kotoka Airport and praises Ghana government for COVID-19 protocols


Astute radio presenter, Kwasi Aboagye has shared his experience at the Kotoka International Airport while going through processes to travel out of the country.

The host of ‘Entertainment Review’ on Peace FM, who is currently in the United States, during a Facebook Live session said people were cutting corners.

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Detailing what transpired between himself and some workers at the Airport, Kwasi Aboagye said after weighing his bags, they told him he had exceeded his weight so he needed to do a third bag.

He claimed that the third bag cost $200 but one of the guys said he could do something about it.

He indicated that they reduced it to $150 but settled on $100 after he bargained with them.

According to him, after he paid the amount, one guy came back to tell him that they didn’t want the old dollar note because the forex bureau would reject it but he told him that was all he had.

He said this and other illegal practices were going on at the airport including even with COVID-19 tests.

Kwasi Aboagye used the opportunity to praise government for the COVID-19 protocols he observed at the airport before boarding his flight.

He noted that the situation was different at Heathrow (London) and John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport saying they do everything normally as if there’s no COVID.

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Kwasi Aboagye said it was better to pay $150 for the COVID-19 test than to pay huge money to be quarantined in a hotel.

Watch the video below:


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