Medikal opens up on why he named his daughter Island


Ghanaian rapper, Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known as Medikal, has opened up on why he named his daughter Island.

Some social media users expressed their shock on the name given to the baby after the rapper revealed in a post on Instagram.

“Welcome to the universe my queen! Island Frimpong. You no get problem, God got us,” he captioned his first photo with his daughter.

Replying to the comments made by others on the name of his daughter, Medikal explained in an interview on YFM why he gave her such a name.

“Why I named my daughter Island is because I feel my baby is special and an Island is a land in the middle of water and I feel she came from a different space so I chose to give her that beautiful name Island,” he said.

The AMG rapper also revealed how the baby inspired his ‘Island’ EP.

“The Island EP was because of my baby,” he disclosed.

“We named my baby before she even came out. So, she is the person who inspired the ‘EP’ Island. So, she is the reason why I put out the album EP. The EP is not the reason why I named my baby ‘Island,’” Medikal added.


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