Moment Kofi Adoma ended Facebook live after wife threatened to storm the studio (WATCH VIDEO)


Mrs Miracle Adoma, the wife of radio personality Kofi Adoma has threatened to storm the studios of KOFI TV to end a live program.

This comes after Kofi Adoma decided to address some of the issues he concerning a woman he ditched after having a baby with her.

It can be recalled that the Angel FM morning show host on his birthday decided to eulogize his wife by talking about some of the things they’ve been through in the past.

After his outburst, he has become topic for discussion on social media with some claiming that he left his former wife to marry his current wife.

Last night while doing Facebook live, his wife phoned into the program and ordered him to stop the show.

According to her, Kofi Adoma doesn’t owe anybody explanation over the issue and added that he should leave everything to God.

Mrs Miracle Adoma threatened to storm the studios if Kofi would not stop the Facebook live session.

He ended the show that very moment.

Watch the video below:


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