Movie producer reveals how Jackie Appiah rejected an offer worth GHS40,000 to post 3 flyers on Instagram


Ghanaian movie producer, Sammy Rasta has made a shocking revelation about popular actress Jackie Appiah.

This comes after people questioned the source of her wealth following the discussion about her million dollar mansion.

Speaking in a conversation with Agyemang Prempeh on Power FM’s entertainment show, Sammy Rasta said Jackie rejected an offer worth GHS 40000 just to post 3 flyers on her Instagram page.

According to him, the deal passed through him and in a conversation with Jackie, she did accept the money when he approached her.

“Personally, I have given Jackie Appiah a deal worth thousands of dollars which she rejected. The amount of money involved is somebody’s brand money for a year. My big man wanted Jackie to post three flyers on her Instagram. Not even with her face. Three posts on her Instagram for three weeks. It couldn’t meet her brand. 5000 dollars for three weeks. She did not accept. I know someone who has accepted a contract that is worth the amount Jackie rejected,” he revealed.

Sammy Rasta argued that the people who are questioning the source of Jackie’s income do not know how rich she is.

“Let nobody deceive you that before you can enter the movie industry, you have to share the bed with someone. Rebranding yourself is very important. Let’s celebrate her. She is one of our own. We should be happy that someone who has worked in the creative industry can achieve what she has achieved. That will let investors realise the creative space is lucrative. But if we make it seem Jackie Appiah cannot afford to build this house then which investor will invest in our industry?” he advised.

On the same issue, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, a Ghanaian entertainment pundit and writer jumped to Jackie Appiah’s defense during a discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

“It doesn’t make sense for people to question her source of wealth. It is a disrespect to the creative industry because if you have followed Jackie over the years, I am not sure you can question how she got her money.

“That lady has been acting for years, almost two decades. Let’s also understand the fact that Jackie is among the top earners when it comes to Ghanaian movies.

“Jackie is also very popular in Nigeria and we can say that their market is arguably the biggest in Africa. In Nigeria, they pay well and our actors who made that transition testify that their producers pay well,” he stated.


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