Mr Logic reveals the scary things musicians go through to get hit songs from juju men


Showbiz pundit, Emmanuel Barnes well known as Mr Logic has revealed the scary things musicians go through if they go for juju to release a hit song.

Over the years, there have been speculations of some musicians using black magic or juju to get hit songs.

This allegation has not been proven-but a lot of people think it exists.

Discussing the issue with Nana Romeo on Accra FM,

Mr Logic confirmed the rumour.

He revealed that every juju man has a format they use.

According to him, some will require human blood.

Mr Logic added that about six red cows have to be buried alive in another way for the hit song to come.

While he thinks hit songs could be given to someone by God or through luck, he said those who cannot have it need to work for it but some will try to use juju means.

Watch his revelation in the video below.



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