“My father is a Prophet and not your village herbalist” – Prophet Badu Kobi’s daughter slams netizens


Jessie Kobi, the daughter of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has blasted social media users for descending on his father over false prophecy.

Yesterday, the founder and leader of Glorious Wave Chapel International prophesied that England would win the Euros but it backfired.

Before that, he prophesied that Brazil would win the Copa America but Argentina took the cup.

This means two continues prophecies from the man of God failed and netizens blasted him for giving out false prophecy.

 Jumping to his defense, Jessie Kobi who happens to be the daughter of Prophet Badu Kobi claims people should not insult and criticize what they don’t understand.

According to her, there is always a change in the spiritual realm between the time a prophecy is given and the moment it’s supposed to happen.

She indicated that before people attack his father, they should first of all ask as to what changed.

Jessie emphasized that her father is a prophet and not a village herbalist and promised to go dirty on anyone who insults under her post.

See the post below:


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