My life is in danger for criticizing govt – Lydia Forson


Outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has shared with her followers the threatening messages she receives for chastising government on issues affecting the country.

Lydia Forson is one of the loudest people in Ghana’s creative arts industry, never shy to express her views on issues on social media.

She has maintained that she will keep talking to put the government on its toes to ensure the average Ghanaian is provided with basic needs.

Due to this, the actress has made enemies from both the ruling and opposition parties.

Thee actress shared one of the threatening messages she receives in a day on her Instagram page.

The message read, “shut up who the fuck do you think you? You there vomiting nonsense. We surely take you to dry cleaners. Lydia Forson Lydia Forson so you there poking your nose everywhere just wait we will surely visit your case and you will like kwasiaa kwa”.


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