MzGee promises not to ask women she interviews when they are having children following her miscarriage


Following her experience on miscarriage a few months ago, MzGee has vowed never to ask women she interviews about when they will have children.

The entertainment journalist claims the experience made her realize that some women are going through difficult times in bearing children.

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“I after this experience has realised that I have done a lot of women wrong at leat the ones that I have asked those questions in the past by virtue of the job that I do, we ask a lot of questions we are quite inquisitive and I’m sure that I have asked one or two people , eii you’ve been married quite a while when are you having a child oh when is the baby coming of course out of ignorance,” MzGee shares in the video.

“…but having been through this I realise how painful an experience some of these people have had and they haven’t spoken about and those who have been trying various ways to have a baby yet the baby is not coming and you go asking them this in interviews, you go writing this on their timelines,” she added.

She admitted that she has wronged other women and apologized to them for asking such questions in interviews.

“I can now admit that I have been so wrong and I take this opportunity to apologise to  any woman that I have asked this question in an interview.

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Henceforth, it’s not going to happen until the consent is given me from that person to ask them a question about childbirth and maybe struggles with childbirth, you won’t hear me ask any woman about why they haven’t given birth because some of them have tried,” she concluded.

Watch full video below;


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