Nana Agradaa exposes Joyce Blessing, releases voice notes to back her claim (AUDIO)


Born again fetish priest, Evangelist Mama Pat well known as Nana Agradaa has replied Joyce Blessing.

A few days ago, this website reported that the gospel musician had warned Nana Agradaa to take her image off her upcoming program.

Joyce Blessing explained that Agradaa did not negotiate with her before putting his image on the flyer.

She added that she is not her friend and doesn’t want to be her friend.

But reacting to the Joyce Blessing video, Nana Agradaa claimed the former is aware of the program.

In the audio heard by, Agradaa revealed that she sent some money to Joyce Blessing as part of their negotiations.

She went ahead to play some voice notes conversation that ensued between Joyce Blessing and her.

Listen to the audio below:


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