Nana Tornado reveals a ‘dirty secret’ of Pamela Odame (WATCH VIDEO)


Ghanaian actor, Nana Tornado has exposed Pamela Odame.

He revealed a ‘dirty secret’ of the actress during an interview with Nayas.

Tornado revealed he first met Pamela Odama on the streets of Osu in Accra, where she was into prostitution.

According to him, they had a one night stand but later he realized that Pamela was a liar.

He detailed how Pamela Odame lied to him that she was a Kenyan after they enjoyed themselves at a night club.

“I had a one-night stand with Pamela Odame, she was a prostitute. She told me she was a Kenyan and I believed her,” he said.

“I showed interest in her but I later realized she is fake. I looked stupid when I saw her on TV because she lied to me,” Tornado added.

Watch the video below.


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